Asociacija IVAIGO

Asociacija IVAIGO is a new non-profit organization, founded in 2021 in Lithuania by a group of experienced people sharing the same aim: the support and the social relief for everyone, irrespective of their origin and background, to develop their
potential through non-formal education, mentoring, and creating awareness in the context of culture, education,
employment, and health. It is a sustainable leading organization on the local and regional level, a reliable partner in the
creation and implementation of youth policy along with all key stakeholders.
Asociacija IVAIGO has its objectives:
• Developing international partnerships with similar organizations, an active exchange of ideas and best practices, creating
a rich network of European partners.
• Project development through social research, focusing on the main issues society is facing nowadays: environmental
concerns, any kind of discrimination, digital transformation, physical and mental health care, women empowerment, etc.
• Gaining knowledge and boosting creativity, imagination, and critical thinking through all types of art and sport.
• Encouraging youth participation in international events and promote ERASMUS PLUS.
• Sustainable improvement of professional and personal skills of participants in a multicultural context.
• Representing the interests of young people, especially minorities and social groups.
• Promoting formal and non-formal education among young people.
Asociacija IVAIGO shows a high importance to formal and nonformal education for youth, especially those with fewer
opportunities, to increase their employability, self-confidence, and decrease early school leaving. Asociacija IVAIGO is in a
close cooperation with another NGO in Vilnius that is working with refugees and also cooperates with International Vilnius
School. What is more, Asociacija IVAIGO is in a close cooperation with the Central library of Lithuania as they organize
together creative thinking, visual arts, reading activities for locals and ICT trainings for some schools together in cooperation
with International Vilnius School and Central library of Lithuania.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Asociacija IVAIGO started organizing webinars and Live Streams on social media. Over
the years, people who founded this NGO created vast networks of young people through which NGO can easily reach out
and disseminate the results of the project. Thus, the message that is wanted to be spread can be easily seen and continued.