Drustvo Bodi svetloba

Bodi Svetloba, NGO for education and humanitarian activities, was officially established in 2017.
It gives individual help to students with learning difficulties in English language. In the field of NGO work, it deals with Global
Education, Sustainable Development Goals, Official Development Assistance, ancient cultural heritage, migrations,
indigenous people, healthy life, foreign languages, music and art...

Bodi Svetloba NGO has been involved in:
Global Call To Action against Poverty ( GCAP) activities since 2018
in Sloga, Slovenian NGDO platform activities since 2018
Erasmus+ projects since 2018
with Slovenia’s chapter for Concord Europe Aid Watch Report since 2018 on behalf of SLOGA, Slovenian NGDO platform
in Make Europe Sustainable For All project since 2018
In 2021, Bodi svetloba has been participating in 16 Erasmus+Ka2 projects and 1 Europe For Citizens project so it has
gained experience.

The objectives of Bodi svetloba:
To give students with learning difficulties individual help
To undertake humanitarian activities together with other organizations
- To undertake activities and actions in the field of Sustainable Development Goals”
- To give young people transversal skills based on Global Education principles in order to equip them with activism for their
work for Sustainable Development Goals
- To help young people get a pan-European and global mindset in dealing with Sustainable Development Goals
- To include disadvantaged persons in our activities in the field of Sustainable Development Goals
- To be involved in the activities of the Slovenian Agenda 2030 Coalition and GCAP Slovenia
- To be involved with Official Development Assistance stakeholders in Concord Europe network
- To be involved with activities for and with indigenous peoples and their organizations
- To support humanitarian and developmental activities of young people for the international development cooperation
- To cooperate in Erasmus+ projects with European partners