Tum Engelliler Kultur Sanat Dayanisma ve Spor Dernegi

Tüm Engelliler Kültür Sanat ve Spor Derneği (Culture Art and Sport Organisation for Disabled People)(CASOD ) was
founded 01.11.2012 BURSA/ KARACABEY,and it has over 500 members. Members of CASOD with disabilities of all kinds,
but mostly orthopedic disabilities also with their families and the young people who support around them.
CASOD is a disable youth NGO that works provides information to the young people regarding the Erasmus+ programme,
stimulates creativity, creative activism, youth mobility, non-formal education, cultural exchanges and information distribution.

General Goals of CASOD
-Its aim is to promote cooperation, collaboration and better communications among NGOs, disabled people’s organizations
and governmental agencies.
-focuses on inclusive education, early intervention for the educational development of those with disabilities and special
needs as well as cultural, and vocational aspects of disabled
-Our NGO committed in promoting equal rights and opportunities for the disabled.
- to improve the quality and scope of care for the physically disabled through the production of orthopedic aids
-with mobility disabilities to exchange information on disability policies, to visit and take care of one another when in difficulty
and in need, to organize events for members, to provide language training courses..
-to provide consultancy, exchange information and promote social concern for PWDs
- to provide legal and financial assistance for employment, to organize sports and cultural events for PWD.
Member of CASOD with objectives including the organization of rehabilitation activities, provision of educational job
promotion and improvement of cultural understanding for PWDs
-to promote to all and any social agents the measures necessary to publicize and eradicate psychological harassment or
psychological terrorism in organizations, as a form of submission and humiliation of workers, regardless of their professional
status, area of professional activity, race, sex , beliefs or religion.
-to work at local and regional and international level, using non-formal education methodology, such as group activities,
-to send our members to Erasmus + projects also to implement projects.
We are aware of the importance of youth mobility,because it provides new opportunities for personal development to the
disadvantage young people